UM-50 Directional Drilling Machine

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The UM-50 directional drill is an advanced solution for fully guided directional drilling, facilitating the rehabilitation of old, worn or leaking pipes. It has impressive features that make it suitable for various applications in the field of sewerage and pipeline rehabilitation. Here are some of the product's key features:

Fully guided directional drilling: The UM-50 offers precise control and full guidance during the drilling process, ensuring a safe and efficient operation.

Pipeline rehabilitation: Designed to rehabilitate old, worn or leaking pipelines, the UM-50 becomes an essential tool in the revitalization of sewer infrastructure.

Extended drilling capacity: With a drilling length of up to 120 m and a diameter of up to 315 mm, this machine can tackle a variety of pipe sizes.

Pipe bursting length: The UM-50 can handle pipe bursting lengths of up to 150 m and the maximum diameter supported is 315 mm.

Impressive pulling force: With a pulling force of 50 tonnes, the UM-50 is powerful and able to cope with various conditions during the drilling process.

These features highlight the versatility and outstanding performance of the UM-50 in the field of pipeline rehabilitation works, contributing to the improvement of the sewerage infrastructure.