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Discover innovation and versatility with Flexi-Pipe and Connectors. Picote Flexi-Pipe is an advanced solution, consisting of a PE pipe with a 3-layer corrugated outer layer and smooth inner layer, providing excellent flexibility when used as a sliding product. This pipe has been specially designed to integrate seamlessly into the Picote Sliplineing method, including efficient installation at manholes.

DiBt certified (tested as Flexirohr), Picote Flexi-Pipe offers not only flexibility but also compliance with high quality standards. It has been HPWJ tested to 180 bar by WRc in accordance with WIS 4-35-01 2008, Appendix B, ensuring it meets stringent performance requirements.

Complement your solution with our Connectors, ensuring your system is seamlessly integrated and provides strength and tightness. Invest in advanced technology with Flexi-Pipe Spouts and Connectors to benefit from top efficiency and performance in your sewer and pipeline rehabilitation projects.