MNBL-70 Multifunctional Drilling Rig

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The MNBL-70 multi-purpose drilling rig is a complex and efficient solution for a variety of drilling and pipe-laying operations.

Here are the key features of this product:

Radio locating system (optional): the MNBL-70 can be equipped with an optional radio locating system, bringing an extra level of precision and control to drilling operations.

Extended pilot drilling: The machine's technical features allow pilot drills up to 150 m long, ensuring adaptability to different drilling needs.

Polyethylene (PE) pipe pulling: the MNBL-70 is capable of performing polyethylene pipe pulling operations, ensuring an efficient and accurate process.

Varied operations: The machine can perform complex operations, including pulling short pipe modules and bursting pipe diameters from 32 to 400 mm, covering a wide range of applications.

Complete set included: The standard set includes 50 pieces of 800 mm (40 meter) drill rods, hydraulic power pack, reamers and extractors, providing the necessary resources for various operations.

Theoretical and practical training: By providing theoretical and practical training, the manufacturer ensures that users are provided with the knowledge necessary to operate the machine and the locating system efficiently.

Detailed specifications: The specifications include a full range of equipment such as directional pipe jacking machine, drill rods, power pack, tools for boring and pulling PE pipe, and a radio locating system (SNS-200t). These features converge to make the MNBL-70 a versatile and efficient multi-purpose drilling rig suitable for complex construction and sewerage projects.