MNBL-70 Multifunctional Drilling Rig


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Product characteristics

MNBL-70 multifunctional drilling rig with radio locating system (option).

Technical features of the machine allow to make 150 m long pilot drills, pulling polyethylene pipes (PE), pulling short pipe modules, performing pipe bursting operations on pipes ranging from 32 to 400 mm in diameter.

The standard set includes 50 pcs. of 800 mm rods (40 meters), hydraulic power pack, reamers and pullers.

We provide theoretical and practical training covering the operation of the machine and locating system.


  1. MNBL-70 Directional pipe jacking machine with trench box 
  2. Drilling rods L=800 mm x 60 mm, 50 pcs. = 40 meters 
  3. 17.7 kW Power Pack + 10 m hoses 
  4. Instruments for reaming the hole and pulling PE pipes of diameters: 110 mm x 3 
  5. SNS-200t Radio Locating System